Voice & Video Communications

All organizations have goals. Whether you're seeking to reduce travel costs, enhance employee productivity, improve emergency/disaster response, or even just increase operational efficiency, the right communications system can help you get there. If you need to communicate across the hallway, the campus, the continent, or the planet, Enko Systems can design and install a system to help you do it. We work with the manufacturers who are changing the way the world connects in order to bring you the very best in communications technology. We are proud distributors and installers of Valcom, Cornell, Polycom, and Cisco. Get in touch with us today to learn more about these exciting technologies!

Enko Systems Provides: 

  • Loudspeaker Paging      
  • Intercoms  (IP • Analog) 
  • Mass Notification (IP • Wired) 
  • District-Wide Communication
  • Clock Systems (IP • Wireless • Wired)
  • Emergency Call Stations (IP • Wired) 
  • IP Teleconferencing (Voice • Video)
  • CATV