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Crestron Elite Partner DMC D-4K T-4K E-4K CSS D T

Crestron Elite Partner
DMC D-4K T-4K E-4K


The best part about employing a systems integrator to implement your low voltage systems is integration. Enko Systems automation and control systems can be configured to control anything that can respond to instruction delivered by relays, IP communication, or serial communication. Using top tier control systems like Crestron, Extron, and AMX, we can design simple push button or graphical user interfaces to control your entire facility, from the gates, loading docks, and doors, to the TVs, Blu-ray players, window shades, lighting, and beyond. Our highly trained and factory certified staff is experienced in the design, configuration, implementation, and programming of these complex and powerful systems. Ask us how we can help you take advantage of control system technology in your building today!