Bosch Security

Bosch Security B Series

Bosch Security B Series

Bosch Security consistently defines the best of what the intrusion detection industry has to offer. As a Bosch Certified Security Dealer, Enko Systems is proud to provide expert Bosch Security installation to facilities of all sizes.

From their built in digital communicators, to advanced programming and accessory modules, Bosch Security offers the power and flexibility that many others simply can't match. This power and flexibility is not limited to security - Bosch Security controls also provide support for controlling a wide range of other systems, such as heating, air conditioning, garage door openers, gates, indoor/outdoor lights, access control systems, and more.

Bosch's systems are a perfect fit for commercial, industrial, or educational installations where a flexible, easy to use, yet extremely robust system is required. 

Bosch IP VIDEO Surveillance



Bosch Security's video solutions deliver the best in performance when securing and monitoring facilities of any size. The complete line of Bosch video products includes IP and Analog cameras, Video Encoders and Decoders, Recorders and Storage, Control and Switching, Video Software, and Illumination. When you need crystal clear HD video with advanced video search and analysis features, Bosch Security IP Video is second to none.

Enko Systems has installed Bosch IP video surveillance installations for educational, corporate, and federal facilities, and can design and deploy a system that will help you protect the people, places, and things most valuable to your organization.

Viscount Freedom Access Control


Enko Systems is proud to be a Viscount Freedom Certified IntegratorBilled as the world’s most advanced and uncomplicated Physical Access Control System, Viscount Freedom provides a fully IP-based solution that eliminates the need for traditional access control panels and can be implemented within your current IT infrastructure. For IT departments tasked with implementing access control across a facility, Viscount Freedom provides a cost effective and easily deployable solution. For scenarios where future expansion is expected, Freedom outshines hardware-based access control solutions by allowing a simple software update rather than by adding or replacing expensive panels. With customer cloud or hosted cloud backup, Freedom includes a level of redundancy not typically seen in other access control solutions. For these reasons, and many others, Freedom is trusted by corporations, educational institutions, and the U.S. Government. Factory certified and experienced with corporate and governmental installations of Viscount Freedom, Enko Systems is ready to deploy it for your organization today!