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Thank you for stopping by the Enko Systems booth at CASBO! If you have any questions about any of the campus and classroom technologies discussed at the event, please don't hesitate to contact us today!

Digital Displays
For the smallest grade school classroom or the largest university lecture hall, Enko Systems offers digital display solutions for any purpose. Whether you need traditional digital whiteboards, projectors, and document imaging cameras, or more modern devices like interactive digital displays, we can design a solution that fits your environment, your needs, and your budget.
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Campus Networking
Outdated cabling or overtaxed wireless access points can cause frustrating issues with tablet connectivity, content loading times, and streaming video buffering. Enko Systems has years of experience delivering the network infrastructure schools need to push content directly to every student, without interruption.
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Security And Cameras
Securing and monitoring your school site has become more important than ever before. Enko Systems delivers world-class solutions for video surveillance, storage, and playback, as well as site security and mass notification.
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Voice Reinforcement, ALS, and Paging
Clarity of voice is essential in the classroom, during assemblies, and on campus. Enko Systems can provide the tools to reinforce a teacher’s voice, assist a hearing-impaired student, or allow the front office to reliably communicate to every corner of campus. 
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Systems Integration
Enko Systems employs industry-leading control systems that bring multiple systems together. Digital displays can work seamlessly with multiple computers, TV feeds, video players, and audio sources. Building lighting, HVAC, and A/V equipment can be turned off when your security system is armed. Security cameras can be automatically repositioned to cover a door being broken into. The possibilities are endless!
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About Enko Systems

Enko Systems, Inc. is a U.L. listed, fully licensed and bonded California contractor specializing in digital solutions for the education space. With over 35 years of experience providing critical systems and infrastructure, we are driven to help education professionals achieve better student learning outcomes through the effective use of technology.

Our experienced system engineers and installation experts can deliver high bandwidth wired and wireless network infrastructure, interactive digital displays, complete audiovisual systems, security and surveillance systems, and much more.

Contact us today to discover how Enko Systems can help your school reach its campus technology goals!